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30 October 2020

In our series, Behind the Player in association with Deloitte, Ulster’s Women players share a little bit about themselves and their rugby careers.

This week, Ulster Rugby spoke to former Virginia and Harlequins player, and current Ulster prop, Megan Brodie.

Tell us a little about your rugby pathway to date.

Who have been your main influences in your rugby career?

I was mainly influenced by Virginia Rugby Club, then the likes of Jenny Murphy and Goose [Philip Doyle] the former Irish women’s Head Coach. Female and male players would have been big influences on me too.

What barriers have you had to overcome to reach this point?

I haven’t had many; I haven’t had many injuries thankfully. I’m just pushing myself to enjoy the game, really!

What have you been up to in the last few months?

At the start of lockdown, I went home for about four months back in Cavan. I was looking after my Granny at the height of lockdown. My brother and I made a gym and did some training. I did a lot of road running and when lockdown eased and the weather got better, I went swimming in the lake I live beside. I came back to London in July and started working as a nanny and did an athletics summer camp at uni. I’ve been quite busy recently!

How do you stay motivated?

I set myself goals with my road running, trying to increase my distance and improve my times. At the gym, I was able to hit better personal bests, so that kept me motivated.

What advice can you give on keeping fit?

I’d just say to get out and go for walks or little jogs; anything you’re able to do. There are loads of Instagram accounts doing HIIT classes – try and join some of those. It’s not hard to get a little more active and make the first step.

What about any healthy eating advice? What’s the best meal you’ve made at home?

When I was at home, my sister made blueberry oat pancakes. They were healthy and nice enough! I just try to keep a healthy balance. I enjoy what I eat and if you eat 80% really good food and 20% have an off-day, that’s ok. A little bit here and there is fine, especially if you’re exercising a lot.

What do you do to relax?  

I don’t really like to relax that much! I’ve been binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy lately. I’m the sort of person who does something all the time. I’ve been trying to read books but it’s not going too well!

What has been the best advice you’ve received?

The best I could give to someone just joining rugby, I’d say it’s a really good sport. The hardest step is the first step and joining. As soon as you join, you’ll absolutely love it. A lot of people join uni or club rugby, once they join, they absolutely adore it. I’d also say you should push yourself past your comfort zone to make yourself a better player.

What have been your proudest moments in rugby?

Do you have a pre-match song you always listen to?

I have a playlist with a load of good tunes and play that for the whole dressing room to listen to. I like to listen to a good playlist.

What are your rugby aspirations?

Hopefully when COVID is over, we’ll get to play contact rugby again. I’ve recently been playing touch rugby but I’d rather play contact. I want to get back playing with Ulster and maybe Ireland someday!